Our core improv program consists of 3 levels of instruction. Our curriculum is focused on a North American approach to improv and our two guiding principles:

Truth: We believe focusing on relationships and grounding strong, fun, emotionally honest characters in reality allows improv to resonate with audiences.

Game: We believe finding, exploring and heightening unusual things, patterns and relationships provide the bedrock for rich, satisfying, comedic scenes.

Successful completion of the core curriculum qualifies students to audition for House Harold teams.

Level 1

Our entry level: perfect for total beginners or anyone who needs to brush up on the basics.

101 – Intro to Improv

This course introduces students to long form improv and is appropriate for those without any improv experience or current improvisers who would like to get a foundation in North American long form.

Over 8 classes, we’ll teach you all you need to know to get solid footing in comedic improv. You’ll learn the basic skills every performer needs to get up on stage and make magic happen. We focus on making positive choices, smart scene work, group support and we explore the kernels of what makes something funny.

Probier dich aus! Dieser Kurs ist für Leute, die noch keine Erfahrung mit Comedy Improvisation haben, oder die, die Improvisationserfahrung haben, aber eine Fundament in nordamerikanischer Long Form suchen.

In acht Klassen bringen wir Dir alles bei, was Du für solide Improfundamente brauchst. Wir lehren euch die grundlegenden Fähigkeiten, die jeder Performer braucht, um auf der Bühne magische Momente zu kreieren. Wir konzentrieren uns auf positive und clevere Szenenarbeit, Gruppensupport und das Erforschen dessen, was eine Comedyszene ausmacht.

Upcoming Courses:

Registration Date(s) Time Instructor(s)
Intro to Improv – Intensive Monday, August 1st – Thursday, August 4th (4 Classes) 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Noah Telson
Intro to Improv Mondays, August 22nd – October 10th (8 Classes) 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Antonia Bär
Level 2

In Level 2, we introduce the core pillars of our improv philosophy. We dig into scene work, specific styles of longform improv comedy and students gain a solid footing in performing on stage. Prerequisites: Must have completed Level 1 – Intro to Improv (formerly known as Improv Basics); or equivalent course at another school (personal waiver required).

201 – Game of the Scene

In this course, we introduce students to the concept of the ‘Game of the Scene’, a funny idea that is explored and heightened to create comedy magic on stage. A core part of the North American approach to improv, Game is a pillar of our philosophy of comedic improv.

Students will learn to build solid scene platforms, to identify funny ideas, and to create patterns out of those funny ideas that can be revisited later in a show. We emphasize a holistic approach to Game, encouraging students to embrace character work, teamwork and physical acting while honing in on a single comedic idea to make a scene as funny as possible.

Upcoming Courses:

Registration Date(s) Time Instructor(s)
Game of the Scene Saturdays, August 27th – October 15th (8 Classes) 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm Carl Clancy

202 – Truth of the Scene

This course focuses on grounding improv in something realistic and emotionally tangible. We explore how characters, worlds and scenes unfold when we focus on relationships and the “who”. A core part of the North American approach to improv, Truth is a pillar of our philosophy of comedic improv.

Students will learn how to put themselves in the mindset of discovery by listening and staying honest and truthful. They’ll discover how playing grounded, relatable characters can provide rich, fulfilling and hilarious scenes. Get ready to throw out preconceived notions of story and delve headfirst into the unknown!

(this course was formerly known as Honest Improv)

Upcoming Courses:

Registration Date(s) Time Instructor(s)
Truth of the Scene Wednesdays, August 24th – October 12th (8 Classes) 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Michele Guido
Level 3

Level 3 is all about honing performance skills: students take the tools and skills they've acquired in Level 1 & 2 and apply them to specific long forms and techniques. Prerequisites: Must have completed Level 1 and ALL Level 2 courses.

301 – The Harold

The Harold is one of the foundational forms in North American improv, and is performed and taught by most major improv theaters on the other side of the Atlantic. It is a 25-minute form consisting of multiple stories revisited and heightened over the course of many scenes and is a fun way to highlight both the pattern of a funny idea and emotional truth.

The CCB Harold strives to achieve the perfect melding of these ideas by introducing strong grounded characters up front and then exploding into comedic threads – bounding through wild patterns, exploring the unexpected and teasing out every last laugh.

In this course, we build upon the foundation set in Level 2 and hone student’s skill set in preparation for creating their own teams and auditioning for House Harold Teams. In learning and practicing the Harold, we will emphasize listening, bringing focus to scenes, and clearly identifying games to heighten them swiftly to their zenith.

Upcoming Courses:

Registration Date(s) Time Instructor(s)
The Harold Tuesdays, August 23rd – October 11th (8 Classes) 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Josh Telson

302 – Improviser’s Toolbox

You’ve got the improv chops, now it’s time to build up your performance skills! This course will teach students the basics of being in the theatre – everything from being aware of sight lines and breathing techniques to hosting a show.

We will explore how to command the stage with focus, confidence and positivity, how to best interact with teammates off stage, how to engage with our scene partners and the audience, and much more. Students will leave the course with the right tools to become a more well-rounded performer, ready for professional, prime time performances!

This course is required to be eligible to audition for CCB House Harold Teams.

Upcoming Courses:

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Level 4 / Advanced

Level 4 is for advanced students and is focused on exploring advanced forms and theories of improv comedy, and for preparing improvisers to audition and be part of House Teams at Comedy Café Berlin. Prerequisites: Must have completed all courses in Levels 1 – 3.

401 – Advanced Game

In Advanced Game, students will dive deep into understanding Game of the Scene and ‘getting their reps in’.

We will focus on hitting the ground running with a strong premise at the start of a scene, honing in on a single comedic idea in a scene and communicating funny ideas with scene partners. We’ll take the time to break down what makes something funny and train our brains to recognize these patterns in the moment so we can focus our energy on just playing naturally in a scene and having fun with our scene partners.

Upcoming Courses:

  • No Upcoming Courses. Please join our mailing list to get notified when a new course is listed!

402 – Advanced Truth

In Advanced Truth, students will jump headlong into organic ‘improvisation at the speed of life’.

We will review grounded-ness and hammer into core tenants of what makes improv relatable and believable, and at the same time explore forms that are best suited for this style of play. We will focus on creating a show that both demonstrates a deeper understanding of characters & worlds discovered through relationships, and showcases students’ abilities to improvise and act truthfully.

Upcoming Courses:

Registration Date(s) Time Instructor(s)
Advanced Truth Saturdays, August 27th – October 15th (8 Classes) 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm Matilde Keizer

403 – Advanced Study

Available to all students who have completed at least Level 3, our Advanced Study courses are all about building up improv skills for advanced students. Designed as a ‘continuing education’ courses, Advanced Study will prepare students for professional performances on stage, and are particularly good for anyone interested in auditioning for the Comedy Café Berlin Harold House Teams. We will drill advanced theories, forms, and techniques, and feature guest instructors from the CCB community.

Upcoming Courses:

Registration Date(s) Time Instructor(s)
Advanced Forms: Close Quarters (with Noah Telson) Sundays, August 28th – September 18th (4 Classes) 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm Noah Telson