Course Programs

The CCB Training School is proud to offer a complete Improv program and a growing Sketch program. Come learn funny with us!

Our core improv program consists of 3 levels of instruction. Our curriculum is focused on a North American approach to improv and our two guiding principles:

Truth: We believe focusing on relationships and grounding strong, fun, emotionally honest characters in reality allows improv to resonate with audiences.

Game: We believe finding, exploring and heightening unusual things, patterns and relationships provide the bedrock for rich, satisfying, comedic scenes.

Successful completion of the core curriculum qualifies students to audition for House Harold teams.

The CCBTS Sketch program is centered around our improv principles of Truth and Game. Students will learn a variety of formats and technical skills, learn to write individually and in a writer’s room and, in level 2, learn to write and produce their very own sketch show.

Successful completion of all Sketch levels qualifies students to audition for CCB House Maude (sketch) Teams as a writer.

Our Electives are available to all students who have completed at least one Level 2 course and want to explore other forms of comedy and ideas in improv.

CCBTS is now offering online courses in improv & sketch!

Classes will take place via web video conferencing. CCBTS instructors will guide the class through course curriculum using techniques developed for virtual teaching, and will provide real-time feedback, notes and side coaching.

Please note that the Online improv curriculum is separate from the standard 8-week curriculum (e.g., passing Online Level 1 does not grant the ability to take standard curriculum Level 2 courses).

Courses are limited in size.

Online course requirements:

  1. A stable internet connection.
  2. A quiet, distraction-free place.
  3. A computer with a webcam and mic. Headphones are recommended.
  4. Students will need to create a free account with our conferencing solution and download necessary software (details to be provided after registration).