Drop In 4-Pack


Purchase a Drop In 4-Pack and get a discount on 4 Drop In classes (70€ instead of 80€)!

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Purchase a Drop In 4-Pack and get a discount on 4 Drop In classes (70€ instead of 80€)!

Upon purchase of the Drop In 4-Pack, you’ll get a coupon code you can use 4 times at check out when registering for individual Drop In classes. You can register for 4 different classes at once or use them one at a time as you want.

Please read the full terms below!

Terms & Conditions for Drop In 4-Pack:

  • Purchasing the Drop In 4-Pack DOES NOT automatically register you for any Drop In classes – you must still register for the individual classes using the code you receive upon purchase.
  • NO REFUNDS! We are not able to offer refunds for partially or fully unused Drop In 4-Packs. You may give full or partially-used Drop In 4-Packs to others if you’re no longer able to use it.
  • Purchasing via SOFORT or SEPA will cause a delay in delivering the Drop In 4-Pack coupon code. Due to the fact that SOFORT or SEPA payments need to clear your bank, the coupon code won’t be sent until after we get successful completion of payment from your bank. This can take anywhere from 3 – 5 business days. Please keep this in mind before using SOFORT or SEPA – if you would like to use your Drop In 4-Pack immediately, please purchase using credit card (or PayPal).
  • The coupon code you receive may only be used to register for Drop In classes. Currently Online Drop In classes are scheduled through mid March 2021.
  • You will receive ONE (1) coupon code via email upon completing payment – this coupon code may be used FOUR (4) times to register for Drop In courses.