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In partnership with CCBTS, StoryKiez is offering a selection of writing courses for beginners and professionals.

At Storykiez, we begin with the philosophy that writers write best when they’re creatively empowered and passionate about what they’re developing. So we tap into the enthusiasm and drive of our students and then provide the tools to craft narratives that will connect with a wider audience. The storytelling language we teach is best described as a “what happens next” narrative — the types of stories that drive compelling TV shows, movies, audio fiction and popular novels.

Our approach to narrative isn’t about learning what kinds of stories you should be telling, but learning how to best communicate the stories you want to tell. Regardless of the topic, there’s simply a way to “speak” that makes you more likely to be understood in the mainstream narrative world. Using those tools, every one of our workshops and classes result in a completed piece of work (treatment, outline, pitch document, script or completed book chapters) designed to further the professional journey of each project.

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