Corporate Training


Berlin’s premiere English-language improv training school is proud to offer workshops & courses for your company or event!

We work directly with teams and tailor to your specific needs. Whether you need to jump-start innovation and creative ideation, bring teams closer together, relieve inhibitions among new team members or just want to have some fun, we’ve got your back!

Our instructors have years of experience teaching, performing and innovating improv.

Looking for a fun workshop but concerned about in-person events? We run online workshops! Contact us for more information.

Send a message and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Corporate Training Program

At The CCB Training School, we believe in training students as performers, regardless of their end goals. We use this same philosophy in our Corporate Training Program. We believe improv comedy is a performing art that can be vital and useful in work life. Our workshops & courses are fun, active, and designed to bring participants out of their shell – perfect for team-building, ice-breakers, leadership training, and much more. We tailor our workshops for each of our clients and work with group organizers to create a fun and engaging curriculum specific to their goals. We offer private workshops and full courses on location at Comedy Café Berlin and are also happy to send instructors to your office or a location of your choosing.

Our Workshops

Our workshops can be customized to fit your needs! We recommend a minimum of 5 participants in each workshop in order for them to be most effective, and we’re happy to accommodate large (100+) groups. We provide 1 instructor for every 15 participants to ensure that everyone gets effective instruction. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to put together a proposal for your organization!

Team Building Workshops


The perfect workshop for groups looking for a fun activity to do together, or for teams looking to build team cohesion. We begin the workshop with a series of ‘warm-up’ exercises designed to introduce participants to core improv concepts: agreement, support, and commitment. Building on these concepts, we then introduce exercises and improv ‘games’ tailored towards specific goals for the team with the aim of promoting group work while creating a fun, supportive and judgement-free atmosphere.

Ice Breaker Workshops

Ice Breaker

New hires? Student orientation? This workshop is perfect for groups who need to energize that “getting to know you” phase! We begin the workshop with introduction ‘warm-up’ exercises designed to introduce participants to one another in a fun way, while building core improv concepts: agreement, support, and commitment. We then build on this with exercises & games designed to generate and strengthen group work in a judgement-free atmosphere.

Leadership Workshops


This workshop focuses on good leadership skills. We begin the workshop with a series of ‘warm-up’ exercises designed to introduce participants to core improv concepts and how these are vital tools for group/team leaders: agreement, support, listening and commitment. We build on these core concepts with exercises and improv ‘games’ designed to explore effective communication, management, and problem-solving skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Our aim for this workshop is for participants to leave with a new toolset of techniques that help them become more effective leaders.

Ideation Workshops


Jump-start new ideas with one of our ideation workshops! These workshops are tailored to clients’ specific needs and are designed to get your team innovating and brain-storming quickly. We begin the workshop with a series of ‘warm-up’ exercises designed to introduce participants to core improv concepts that are the perfect ingredients to coming up with fresh ideas: agreement, support, listening and commitment. We build on these core concepts with exercises and improv ‘games’ designed to explore judgement-free ideation before guiding participants through various fun and energetic brain-storming sprints. We guarantee your team will walk away feeling re-invigorated and energized for whatever lies ahead!

Customized Workshops & Courses

Looking for something else? Interested in having a full improv course run at your school or place of business? With our years of experience teaching and performing improv, we’re happy to work with you and your team to create specialized workshops or full courses that suit your individual goals! Get in touch and we’ll make it happen!

Online Workshops

Online Courses

Concerned about physical distancing, facing government restrictions on in-person events, or managing a remote team? No fear! All of our workshops can be easily adapted to an online format! We use either Zoom or Google Meet (or a platform of your choosing), and have had great success running online workshops for many organizations. While there are certainly differences to holding workshops in-person, we’ve found that the online environment actually heightens skills like active listening and support that are often taken for granted in-person. Get in touch for more details!

Our Clients

Just some of our happy clients!

BIG thanks for [the] online training. It was super fun and it was exactly the kind of thing that I was looking for. You did an amazing job facilitating and guiding us. 

Maria Robledo Mahamud, SoundCloud

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your workshop. We had a great time and it’s was really a game-changer for us, to bond as a team and to unleash our creativity.

Sapir Dagan, WeWork

[…] as studio manager at a fitness studio, I thought an improv basics workshop would be the perfect team building event and ‘learning op’ for our trainers. They’re on stage daily. Having Noah in for a few hours was enough to get them laughing, bonding and out of their shells. We had this improv workshop over several months ago, and I still have instructors telling me how much fun they had. They want more!

Megan Lillick, BECYCLE

[…] Incorporating a workshop on improvisation in our leadership training was really time well invested. The workshop was led by the excellent instructors Noah and Josh, who in a playful way, pushed the participants out of their comfort zone and made them behave in different ways than they usually do. […] The feedback I got from the participants was that since they had tried certain behaviors in the safe environment of the workshop, they were not so hesitant to try it in their work environment interacting with their teams. Doing things in a new and different way doesn’t have to be scary and can actually add a lot of value. Thank you for pushing us out of our comfort zone and adding big smiles to our faces at the same time!

Thérèse Troedsson, Vattenfall Management Institute

[…] thanks to you and your awesome team! The students really enjoyed the activity, and you guys did a great job getting them out of their shells. It was really cool to stand back and watch the campus come to life and get really REALLY loud.

Spencer Utt, GISMA Business School

Our students come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. We invited Josh to come to our first week to help with team building. Josh was professional, efficient, and creatively funny. Within a very short time, our students, who were strangers to each other, were running around like monkeys laughing uncontrollably. Since then, the group has really coalesced into a tight team. Thank you, Josh.

Noam Miller, JAcademy

Who We Are

The Comedy Café Berlin Training School is Berlin’s premier English-language improv comedy school. Founded by Josh Telson & Noah Telson and based out of Comedy Café Berlin, CCBTS aims to provide students with a foundational knowledge in the art of improv comedy, guide students and players to become top-notch performers and offer real world applications for the lessons taught. Our teachers have decades of training experience and have trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade, ComedySportz, iO, L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and more importantly, have formed their own ethos right here in Berlin.

Contact Us

    To help us put a proposal together for your event, please include the following information: Location, date and time of the event (or when you would like us to come in), how long you’d like the workshop to be (we recommend a minimum of 2 hours) and how many participants you anticipate having in the workshop. We look forward to working with you!