Please be sure to read our Terms & School Policies!

Yes! We take the health & safety of our students and teachers very seriously. We successfully ran courses in the summer and autumn of 2020 with strict health rules in place and transitioned to online classes in November 2020.

Our current Health & Safety Requirements (updated June 2021):

  • Courses will take place at Comedy Café Berlin or Artistania, depending on the number of registered students. We will notify registered students of the class location at least 1 week before the course starts.
  • FFP2 masks must be worn at all times unless students are performing in a scene or exercise.
  • Students & teachers will need to follow the “3G” rule and show proof of one of the following:
    • Getestet – Proof of a negative Rapid Antigen Test (Antigenschnelltest) or PCR Test not older than 24 hours [must be shown before each class]
    • Geimpft – Proof of full vaccination. Your last dose must have been administered at least 14 days prior [only needs to be shown once]
    • Genesen – Proof of recovery from COVID-19, at least 28 days old but not older than 6 months [only needs to be shown once]
  • Seats, door handles and other touch points in the classrooms will be cleaned/disinfected between each class.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned/disinfected between each class.
  • The classrooms will be clearly demarcated to assist with physical distancing.
  • Classrooms will be regularly ventilated.

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In addition to specific course prerequisites (see individual course descriptions), we have the following general requirements:

  • All students are required to join and participate in at least one improv jam and see at least one improv show at CCB during the course.
  • Students may not miss more than 2 out of 8 classes (there are no make up classes)
  • Students may not be more than 15 minutes late to 4 out of 8 classes
  • Students must be respectful to their fellow students and course instructors, and adhere to our Student & Teacher Code of Conduct and our Community Code of Conduct.

Any student not meeting these requirements may not be eligible to perform in the student show, continue taking classes, or progress to higher levels without repeating courses.

Zusätzlich zu den individuellen Voraussetzungen für die einzelnen Kurse (siehe Kursbeschreibung), gibt es diese allgemeinen Bedingungen für Schüler der CCBTS.

  • Alle SchülerInnen müssen sich während der Kurszeit mindestens eine Improvshow im CCB anschauen (kostenlos). Außerdem sind sie dazu angehalten an mindestens einer Jam im CCB teilzunehmen, sollten ihre Englischkenntnisse dies zulassen.
  • SchülerInnen dürfen maximal 2 von 8 Unterrichtseinheiten verpassen (es gibt keine Nachholstunden)
  • SchülerInnen sollten nicht mehr als 15 Minuten zu spät zum Unterrichtsbeginn erscheinen. Ein zu spät erscheinen von mehr als 15 Minuten in 4 oder mehr Unterrichtseinheiten führt zum automatischen Ausschluss aus dem Kurs.
  • Alle SchülerInnen müssen sich ihren KommilitonInnen und LehrerInnen gegenüber respektvoll benehmen und sich an den Verhaltenskodex der Schule halten.

Jede SchülerIn, die diese Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllt, kann von der Student Show oder der weiteren Teilnahme am Unterricht ausgeschlossen werden, sowie daran gehindert werden weiterführende Kurse beim CCBTS zu besuchen.

No. We don’t offer test classes or auditing, but we encourage prospective students to join our weekly open improv jam and to come to House team shows on Friday nights to get an idea of what we’re doing and who we are. This is a great way to meet us and current and former students, as well as join in the CCB community.

Yes but… we require students to attend at least 6 of the 8 course sessions in order to pass the course and continue taking higher level courses with us. In addition, students may not be more than 15 minutes late to 4 out of 8 classes in order to pass.

If you know you’ll miss more than 2 classes, we strongly recommend you do not register as you’ll simply not get enough out of the course and you’ll be required to retake the course in order to continue taking classes.

Unless described otherwise, all courses & workshops are in English, and taught by native or native-level English-speaking instructors. We offer a few courses in German, taught by native German-speaking instructors, and they are clearly labelled as such.

Our courses and workshops are capped at 16 students max; some courses and workshops have a lower class size – these will be noted in the event description.

**Due to current COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions, class sizes at CCB are capped at 10 students; courses at other locations may have more students.**

No. We keep our course and workshop costs low to allow as many students as possible to learn the art & fun of improv. To avoid unnecessary headaches involved in estimating student numbers, keep administrative costs down, and generally be fair to all students and would-be students, we do not offer refunds once a course or workshop registration has been purchased. Please keep this in mind before registering!

Yes! All currently enrolled students get rush tickets to any improv show at CCB for the duration of their class.
Rush tickets = after all paying customers, any available seat is made available to rush ticket holders.

Sometimes. We allow course prerequisite exemptions on a case by case basis, but please keep in mind that we rarely grant exemptions. We teach a very specific style of long form that is relatively unique in Europe. We lay the foundation for that in our Intro course and we’ve found that students who have received training at other schools that focus on short form ‘impro’, status and narrative are often at a disadvantage when skipping Levels, in addition to slowing down the progress of other students.

All students must begin their studies at Level 1 – Intro to Improv (See “I’m an experienced improviser, can I skip ahead?” above). Upon satisfactory completion of Level 1 (ie, you receive a Pass mark from your instructor), you may sign up for EITHER Level 2 courses.
Before being eligible to take Level 3 courses, you must complete and pass BOTH Level 2 courses.
Upon satisfactory completion of Level 3, students are eligible to audition for House Harold teams (see below) and to take Electives, Level 4 and Advanced Study courses.
Courses can be completed in either English or German, where available.

As stated above, you’ll need to complete all courses in each Course Level before taking courses in the next level up.

We highly recommend AGAINST taking both Level 2 courses (Game of the Scene and Truth of the Scene) at the same time. Both courses cover very different subject matter and we find that students who take both courses at the same time are often overwhelmed.

Additionally, getting better at improv is all about putting time in. There’s no shortcut and taking both Level 2 courses at once will not make you a stronger improviser quicker; in fact, you’ll likely be stronger taking the courses separately!

Yes, all of our core courses end with a student showcase, free to the public, at Comedy Café Berlin, where students will perform what they’ve learned for family & friends.

Other than student showcases and jams, completing the full curriculum at the Training School does not guarantee the right to perform on stage. All students progress at different speeds and simply completing all of our courses does not mean a student is ‘ready for prime time’. We offer consistent and constructive feedback to all students during and after each course and expect students to adjust to notes and better their level of play.
We encourage students to form practice and ‘indie’ teams and provide a list of qualified coaches to assist those teams. There are multiple, independently-produced shows at CCB and around Berlin that book indie teams.
Students who have satisfactorily completed Levels 1 – 3 are eligible to audition for House Harold Teams. Auditions are typically held once or twice a year, depending on student body size and openings on the teams.
More information on performing at CCB is available here.

CCB House Harold Teams represent the pinnacle of our Training School. Students who have satisfactorily completed Levels 1 – 3 are able to audition for the teams, and, upon acceptance, are coached by Training School instructors and coaches. Auditions are typically held once or twice a year, depending on student body size and openings on the teams. Team members are expected to make regular (weekly) practice sessions and shows.
Harold Teams perform regularly on Friday nights at CCB and Harold Team performers are given opportunities to produce and perform in other shows at CCB. More info on Harold Teams is available to eligible students.