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Game of the Scene

Level 2

Game of the Scene

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In this course, we introduce students to the concept of the ‘Game of the Scene’, a funny idea that is explored and heightened to create comedy magic on stage. A core part of the North American approach to improv, Game is a pillar of our philosophy of comedic improv.

Students will learn to build solid scene platforms, to identify funny ideas, and to create patterns out of those funny ideas that can be revisited later in a show. We emphasize a holistic approach to Game, encouraging students to embrace character work, teamwork and physical acting while honing in on a single comedic idea to make a scene as funny as possible.

Upcoming Sessions:

Registration Date(s) Time Instructor(s)
Game of the Scene Saturdays, October 22nd - December 10th (8 Classes) 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm Carl Clancy