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Comedy Writing Fundamentals – Online

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Comedy Writing Fundamentals – Online

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For those interested in comedic writing and anybody who’s ever had that perfect funny idea but no way to get it down on the page.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’ll dive into several types of comedy writing (sketch, short and long form fiction, late night writing, writing for the web, maybe even the listicle??) and students will be guided through various writing exercises designed to get your creativity going. We’ll teach you to explore your individual style of humour and have that flourish in the written word. Students will learn to tap into their own lives to find relatable stories and anecdotes, how to craft those into compelling writing, and how to find the comedy that makes them engaging to an audience.

Students will leave the course with a portfolio of writing and the tools to keep going!

No prior writing, sketch or improv experience required. This course is designed for anyone from experienced comedians interested in honing their writing to total beginners who are looking to get their toes wet in comedy.

Please note, students will be required to write outside of class! That’s right, YOU’LL HAVE HOMEWORK!

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