Improv coaching can be one of the most effective and rewarding ways for teams and players to improve their level of play. We highly encourage players & students to form practice and indie teams and get regular coaching. In fact, if your team would like to play on stage at Comedy Café Berlin you are required to get regular coaching from an approved coach (more info on that here).

The following coaches are all either instructors at The CCB Training School, and/or former or current members of Harold House Teams at CCB, and have therefore met our standards as coaches. Additionally, they have all agreed to the Community Code of Conduct and Student & Teacher Code of Conduct.


If you have any questions regarding coaches or getting coaching please get in touch or email us.

If you have any concerns or issues with coaches, we encourage you to address them with the coach personally. If your concerns/issues have not been heard or addressed, please get in touch with CCBTS co-directors Josh Telson or Noah Telson; you may also address your concerns with one of our Community Liaisons.