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Level 1

Our entry level: perfect for total beginners or anyone who needs to brush up on the basics.

Intro to Improv

Intro to Improv

Come dip your toes in the water! This course is designed for folks who’ve never improvised before, or for those with limited experience. Over 8 classes, we’ll teach you all you need to know for a solid foundation in comedic improv. You’ll learn the basic skills every new performer needs to get up on stage […]

Level 2

In Level 2, we introduce the core pillars of our improv philosophy. We dig into scene work, specific styles of longform improv comedy and students gain a solid footing in performing on stage. Prerequisites: Must have completed Level 1 – Intro to Improv (formerly known as Improv Basics); or equivalent course at another school (personal waiver required).

Game of the Scene

Game of the Scene

In this course, we introduce students to the concept of ‘the Game of the Scene’, a funny pattern that is explored and heightened to maximum effect. A core part of the North American approach to improv, Game is a pillar of our philosophy of comedic improv. Students will learn to build solid scene platforms, identify […]

Truth of the Scene

Truth of the Scene

This course focuses on grounding your improv in something realistic and emotionally tangible. We explore how characters, worlds and scenes unfold when we focus on relationships and the “who”. Together with Game, Truth of the Scene is a pillar of our philosophy of comedic improv. You’ll learn how to put yourself in the mindset of […]

Level 3

Level 3 is all about honing performance skills: students take the tools and skills they've acquired in Level 1 & 2 and apply them to specific long forms. Prerequisites: Must have completed Level 1 and ALL Level 2 courses.

The Harold

The Harold

The Harold is one of the foundational forms in North American improv, and is performed and taught by most major improv theaters across the Atlantic. It is a 25-minute form consisting of multiple stories revisited and heightened over the course of many scenes and is a fun way to highlight both the pattern of a […]

Level 4

Level 4 is for advanced students and is focused on exploring advanced forms and theories of improv comedy, and for preparing improvisers to audition and be part of House Teams at Comedy Café Berlin. Prerequisites: Must have completed all courses in Levels 1 – 3.

Advanced Truth

In Advanced Truth, students will jump headlong into organic ‘improvisation at the speed of life’. We will review grounded-ness and hammer into core tenants of what makes improv relatable and believable, and at the same time explore forms that are best suited for this style of play. We will focus on creating a show that […]

Advanced Study

Advanced Study

Available to all students who have completed at least Level 3, our Advanced Study Course is all about building up improv skills for advanced students. Designed as a ‘continuing education’ course, Advanced Study will prepare students for professional performances on stage, and is particularly good for anyone interested in auditioning for the Comedy Café Berlin Harold House […]


Our Electives are available to all students who have completed at least one Level 2 course and want to explore other forms of comedy and ideas in improv.

Intro to Acting

This 8-session elective course  is designed to introduce students to the basics of acting for the stage and covers a wide range of techniques. We will explore how to use our voice and our body with focus and confidence, how to tap into our own experiences for powerful performances, how to engage with our scene […]

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